Our Services

Shoe Repair

Shoe repair is our specialty. Various services include Birkenstock resoling, heel replacement, deep cleaning & polishing, zipper work, stitch work and more.

Leather Repair

We provide various other repairs to leather goods such as designer handbags, purses, and sporting goods & equipment.

The Village Cobblers Knife Sharpening icon

Knife and Scissor Sharpening

We offer professional hand sharpening for all knives except for serrated (e.g., bread) or ceramic knives, and scissors. We can bring them back to their original sharpness or even better! Do you have dull knives or scissors? Bring them to our cambridge location for sharpening today before throwing them away.

Key Cutting

It is important to have copies of your house keys, car keys, and other important keys no matter the scenario. Having your keys cut and copied shouldn't be a complicated process. Bring your key cutting needs to the village cobbler for professional and easy service.

The Village Cobblers Shoe Stretching icon

Shoe Stretching

Do you have shoes that are close to the right size, but are a bit too tight? Shoe stretching is the correct service for you. We offer professional shoe stretching services that can help. Shoe stretching helps reduce blistering and swelling as well as help shoes fit if you are in-between sizes.

Variety of great products

We also carry a large variety of products such as cork bags and backpacks, foot comfort inserts, belts & buckles, shoe care products, wallets and more.